6 Ways To Remodel A House to make it modern like a Handyman

Let’s see 6 ways to remodel our house to make it modern, know the designs and architectural styles of contemporary structures that will make the necessary changes in the facade and interior of the house as well as domestic equipment for a house go with the times.

Home Renovation Tips

1.The houses very “loaded with ornaments” unnecessary and out of fashion, modern houses are characterized by a “clean” design of simple lines, until we could consider as a minimalist style, where less is more.
In the interior design you can also use this concept, simple furnishings and finishes chosen construction with simple designs.

2. Open Windows or  Put Glass Blocks

Old houses are characterized by small windows, the openings occupy only few space required to enter the light, modern houses now illuminate the interior with large glass windows or curtains, the use of glass blocks has spread much to be used not only in bathrooms but also in kitchens and living rooms.
For these reasons if you want to remodel your home and make it modern not forget enlarge the openings and place an appropriate glass.

3. Combine paintings of neutral colors with strong

In the outer walls of the house you can apply eg gray or white but choose a wall to paint it a color of strong tone and may be an orange or even a strong green, these colors should apply to highlight only small areas of the facade.
For interior design this rule also applies, combining strong color furniture and the whole environment as flooring and neutral wall colors, the effect is of a modern design

4. The wood and stone in modern houses

Do not think that the wood and stone used only for old houses in Build Home’ve seen the implementation of these two materials in modern houses, which makes the difference is the combination of these materials with the style of the house, better see these examples:

In old houses these environments were they separated by a wall, in modern homes the living room is integrated – dining room with the kitchen to give the feeling of spacious, well this type of design allows greater social interaction among family members.
In remodeling your house walls also allow yourself to integrate open other two spaces, architects recommend this in medium and small houses to give the feeling of spaciousness, a feature of modern houses a great advice from  3jshandymanllc.com .

6. On the front of the house renewed construction elements

To make your house contemporary you must change some elements on the facade, for example the roof, I renew it for another flat appearance and has another shade of color, if you have some tea frosty wall is the time to give a polished to leave smooth , if possible in your budget pole some new materials like wood and stone, in the video below some ideas that may help you:

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